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Beauty of Flowers
Flowers are known to brighten a person’s day, homes, events, parties and the overall surrounding of a location. They come in different colours, texture, shapes and sizes, and there is definitely a special type of flower for everyone. Flowers are usually delivered to loved ones during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, corporate events, celebrations and even as a sign of congratulations. With all that is said about flowers so far, where do you get flowers in Singapore? Well, read on to discover the top flowers delivery sites.

Far East Flora
Far East Flora is one of the top online florists in Singapore, and they provide a large selection of more than 1,000 flowers, gifts and hampers. They started in 1999, and have more than 20 years of experience in the local flower industry. In addition to their online site, Far East Flora has two physical stores found strategically at City Square Mall and Thomson Road.

Far East Flora prides itself in originality and being the epitome of service excellence in the flower industry. They are known for their Flower Memo and award winning Box of Blossoms creations, with the earlier having the ability to impress personalised writings and pictures on flowers. Far East Flora have plans to expand regionally, and have already planted their flower seeds in some parts of Asia such as Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Lilas Bloom
Lilas Bloom is a small but highly creative team of florists who provide flower delivery services ranging from daily bouquets, workshops to even weddings. They obtain their flowers from a reliable supplier, and are passionate about grooming and curating only the best types of flowers for their customers.

Lilas Bloom’s best selling flowers are rose bouquets which include the Rose Twee Bouquet, Single Stalk Rose with Baby Breath and Preserved Rose Bouquet. They even have an online ecommerce store to cater to their ever growing customers’ needs for the top selling flowers and gifts. What’s more, Lilas Bloom also provides highly customisable flower arrangements for special wedding occasions. Some of their wedding services are setup of event venues, hand bouquets for brides, and even floral arrangement workshops.

Toki is a local Singaporean florist that specialises in fine art floral designs, various kinds of flowers and creating the ultimate flower fantasy. They started in 2011, and have experienced learning from the best florists and nurseries in other countries such as the United States of America, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. They were also regarded as one of the best flower delivery sites in Singapore, by the Flower Delivery Reviews site.

Toki is known for their innovative blend of bouquet styles, for various special occasions and celebrations, including graduation ceremonies. Many of their clients have now become their friends, and they constantly receive raving reviews from customers.

Where to get The Best Selection of Flower Services?
While some of the florists in Singapore have ecommerce sites that provide flower ordering and delivery services, none is as elaborate and efficient as Foodpanda. All the flower services mentioned above and much more can be ordered conveniently from since they have partnered with numerous florists in Singapore, to offer one of the best flower ordering and delivery service. So login to the Foodpanda website or app to begin ordering flowers today.

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