Ultimate Guide to Finding Affordable Muslim Fashion in Singapore

Singapore is a small yet very successful metropolitan city that lies just across the border from the tip of Malaysia. Despite its majority non-Muslim population, Singapore is known for many of its Halal and Muslim friendly amenities like mosques, hotels, eateries and shops. One of the highlights of Singapore’s Muslim friendly shops is the numerous fashion shops. From high end clothing to value for money yet great abaya designs, Singapore has it all when it comes to Muslim fashion. If you are on a tight budget and will like to know all the places to find affordable Muslim fashion, don’t hesitate to read on.

Kampong Glam Area

Our first destination is the Kampong Glam Area. Kampong Glam is deeply rooted into the history of Singapore. Many Muslim travellers first settled down in this area when Singapore was opened as a trading hub way back in the early 19th century. Many of the Muslim influence still exists till today, embedded in the numerous historical buildings and landmarks and also as evident in the food and shops that can be found here.

While the main Muslim friendly shopping center found here is Golden Landmark Shopping Center, you can find numerous street shops and boutiques lining up the nearby areas like Bussorah Street, Kandahar Street and Arab Street. Many of these shops sell value for money hijabs, abayas, baju kurong, jilbab, jubah and even clothing materials like silk and cotton.

Haig Road Market

Our next destination is Haig Road, another area conveniently located near Muslim friendly amenities. You can dine at the Haig Road hawker centre which features a wide selection of Halal stores or perform your prayers at the famous Khalid Mosque and the designated prayer room at the Muslim Converts’ Association just behind Haig Road.

If you are looking for elegant Muslim fashion that will not cost you a bomb, then the Haig Road market is definitely the place for you. You can all the nicest shawls, abaya designs, baju kurong and so much at the various fashion shops located here without worrying about having to fork out too much money.

Online Muslim Fashion Shops Based in Singapore

The next option is for you if you are staying in or just here for a holiday visit but do not wish to spend long hours at a shopping centre looking for your Muslim clothing such as hijab or even abaya online. Online Muslim fashion shops or ecommerce stores, as they are widely known today, are fast becoming a popular option among tech savvy Muslim shoppers. Since these online shops are based in Singapore, the best part about them is that they can easily deliver the clothes to your house or even hotel in a few days and save you the hassle of picking them up physically at the shop.

One such online shop that is quickly picking up popularity is HijabDressUp. It is an online fashion shop for Muslimah conscious shoppers, has numerous fashionware from great hijab style, beautiful abaya designs to even great burkini swimwear. They have served over 2,000 customers from not just Singapore but across the globe, so you should definitely check them out.

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